SBC 5- Once I Leave School

Everyone has some pretty big dreams when they leave school, some they accomplish, others can be another story. One of my dreams goes with my love for basketball. As I go to an international school and it’s hard to be scouted by American teams, especially Division I basketball colleges I’m aiming for a Division II or Division III team. I know everyone says to go for your dreams, no matter how hard they are, however, it’s pretty much the possibility of being struck by thunder to get scouted by D-I teams, I aim for the lower ones. I’m still beginning high school which means I’ve still got time to improve. First I got to get some popularity on social media, so I’m shouting out my Snapchat, that’ll do it!

It’s a little far-fetched but I believe I can do it if I can manage my grades and practice basketball daily.

However, if I can’t make it to a D-II team I want to be like my older brother and attempt to be a game warden, as both of us have been dreaming to be one for so long. The steps to being a game warden are very long, you’ve got to go to multiple colleges and take police academy. If it’s not easy to juggle college and police academy, imagine having a job on top of it. Once done with all of it you’ve got to join the police academy for x amount of years.

It’d be great and all to be a game warden, however, I’d rather be an ordinary officer, and yes, the donuts too. Anything to deal with the police force is an extended part of my family and so it’s definitely¬†easy for connections. I wouldn’t know about the college. It’s on the border of Canada and the U.S. and the nearest big grocery store is hours away in a big town that’s deserted most of them. As it is on the border it’s freezing cold most of the time. Glad I don’t live there, yet, hopefully never.

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