SBC 3- Writing A Sentence w/ Images



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SBC3: Lil Boaty

The sun was setting in Ely, Minnesota. Lil Boat was on a fishing trip. He came from his tour from Minneapolis, Minnesota, just to fish and explore the state. He brought his little boat, named “Lil Boat.” Lil Yatchy, also known as Lil Boat, was fishing for Walleye. However, he was being fished by Lil Cheesy. Something was cheesy about this one.

Ely, Minnesota


Lil Boat was ready to go on his fishing trip. His little boat was in the water, he had his fishing gear, and Lil Boat hopped in the boat, he was off. It was 8 P.M. and getting darker. The sun was setting. Lil Boat casted his line, it snapped instantly. Instantly, Lil Boat knew something was wrong. No sign of fish, no animals, the water was smooth and calm. The only noise were crickets. All of a sudden, the boat flips! Lil Boat knew to flip the little boat, he was on the side that said “Lil Boat.” Something popped out of the water, it was Lil Cheesy! “All rise, despise the lies, here is Lil Cheesy.” Then, Lil Boat’s life went in a flash. Another victim, to Lil Cheesy.







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