How to comment

How to comment

From what I’ve seen on my page it is fairly easy to comment on my blog. All you’ve got to do is scroll down towards the bottom of the page or post. In the fairly big text, it should say “Leave a Reply.” When you see that there should be a box to comment in. Make sure you’re making an appropriate comment that wouldn’t hurt,¬†offend, or harm anyone in any possible way. Stay safe and a good digital citizen! When you’ve made your comment there should be a button that said “post comment.” Once you’ve clicked that it should tell you that it’s waiting for a verification from the owner. Once you’ve made your comment and it’s been verified it should show up on the page or post.

What is an acceptable comment?

A safe comment

You may be wondering what a safe comment is. Right? Well, a safe comment is when you’re rather complimenting the person who owns the blog. However, you may be criticizing the owns of the blog. How can that be done? Well, all you’ve got to do is say something under the lines of “I agree with what you’re trying to say…” or “Good point but…”

A comment you’d put in the trash

Comments can be insulting or sometimes just done blatantly. Repetitive can also fit under these lines. If someone were to comment “Oh my gosh that’s so stupid!” it’s a comment worth the trash. Another comment that’d go to the trash is something that has already been said, or repetitive. An example of a repetitive comment is “I like the way you did this and that.” and then someone copies it or changes it up.

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